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This Synonym Replacement Tool includes:

8 Language Tools

  • Text Enrichment Synonymizer

    • Automatic and Step by Step

  • Language Analyzer:

    • Word Frequency

      Average Word Length

    • Readability Scores

    • Non-synonym words usage (Text difficulty Index)

    • Use of Present Continuous, contractions, slang and profane language

    • Words without Synonyms


Download Language Analyzer included in Synonymizer Here


Text Edition

Automatic substitution of synonyms for the words in your text

You can do it step by step or globally. The synonyms are extracted from our 114,000 word thesaurus


Text Analysis

Word length

Texts with many short words are simplistic and childish. Synonymizer helps to improve your writing and make it look more mature and academic. Either longer or shorter synonyms might be needed.

Readability Level Increase/Decrease

Put synonyms to work for you. Word rich texts are considered more adult than repetitive ones.

Word Frequency

You can improve your text using more synonyms as original words, avoiding repetitions and sharpening your point

% of synonym replacement

The larger synonym replacement, the more distinctive your text will be from the source

Web Content Generation

Synonymized Content Generation

Automatic generation of differently synonym-substituted texts, starting from an original one. Avoids Content Duplication Penalties by Google and others. Prevents plagiarism. Supplies multiple files for richer websites. Alone or In combination with GGG, our Optimized Page Generator software.

You decide how many files will be derived from the original. No two of them will be equal, thanks to alternate synonym substitution.

Phrase Generator

Thousands of keyword-rich phrases in a minute. Use the Combinatorial power of Synonyms. Can be exported as Description Metatags for hundreds of pages, manually or automatically with GGG. Also usable as Google Adwords keywords, and as substrate for Paragraph Generator (see below).


WordFrequency: MS Word had a WordFrequency feature in very early versions, then it dropped it.

As its name explains, Synonymizer replaces synonyms for most words in any given text. It helps writers to enrich its vocabulary by means of several analytic tools.

The Text Analyzer finds which words are used more frequently, proposes alternatives (synonym words or phrases) and replaces. 


Synonymizer software provides synonyms in any given text. It signals which words are used more frequently, suggests alternatives and replaces as desired.





Download Content Generator Here