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Word Frequency

Unique Word Frequency, powerful text analyzing tool.

Pinpoints unwilling word abuse - Allows to enrich your text - Helps you use synonyms to radically change your text


The word frequency allows you to know if you abuse certain words, and gives you the opportunity to replace them. Poor vocabulary identifies children, users of English as a Second Language, and scarcely educated people.

Word Frequency is also a way to identify typos that do not appear in Spelling checkers. For instance, if you write a word with one different spelling, like Harrison and Harison, you will spot it when you see the Word Frequency output. Person names do not show up in spelling checkers.

Another example are words in foreign languages (paraguero and paragŁero), or words with English and American spelling: centre and center.

Word Frequency is used in Stylistic Analysis. For instance, a writer from the nineteen century would use word frequencies completely different from a contemporary. Men and women are also associated with different word use.

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Text Content Analysis Tool

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Unique Words

Lexical Density


Online service. Limited availability.

Provides some details about the word you want.

Word Frequency count software

Lists the words from a text and specifies how many times they appeared.


Unique feature in the package.


Check excessive use or repetition of words or phrases


Unique feature in the package.

Word Frequency Analyisis as a means to improve writing quality

Back in the 1980s there was a "Word Frequency" tool in the MS Word distribution package. As someone who writes English as a second language I used it heavily, because it helped me to improve my vocabulary and to correct misspellings.

You never notice how you abuse words, until you run Word Frequency.

A list of all the words in a document, ordered by frequency, makes it easy to detect overuse and/or abuse of a certain word or expression. The less used words were also of help, because sometimes I wrote Thomson instead of Thompson, car instead of cart, or similar errors that the spelling checker bypasses.

Frequency analysis can also be used as a means to establish the 'signature' of a certain author, the cultural level of the writer, its use of slang or technical vocabulary, and other writing features. Frequency analysis can accuse some writers to have the vocabulary of a 11-year-old.



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Download Word Frequency (.exe) or .zip

Word Frequency is part of the Synonymizer Text Tools Package. It is used to know which words are being overused and could thus use synonyms.

See an example of Word Frequency screenshot.