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phrase generator
Phrase Generator

The Phrase Generator module takes words and combines them in phrases, respecting a logical order. It is very useful to help creativity, to fill pages with content that looks human-made, and to produce lots of keyword phrases for AdWords campaigns. Our GGG software uses these phrase lists to generate thousands of pages that rank well in search engines and lead all to the same promoted site.

A little math shows that the total number of potential phrases is: c1 times c2 times c3... times c10. Being cn the number of elements in a given column. In the example above, 8 columns with 3 elements each, can produce 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 phrases, equal to 6561.  

A small message will appear in the top of your screen to predict the number of generated phrases. More than 100,000 phrases can take a rather long time, depending on your PC speed and memory. The example above took 2 minutes in an old 500 Mz PC.

You can also insert a "Blank" word, using a space. For instance:

The / nice / apple / is / hopefuly / ripe.
The / (blank) / apple / is / (blank) / red
The / small / banana / will be / (blank) / green

This is used mostly for optional adjectives and adverbs.

Phrase Generator Icons

phrase generator icons 

Open file, Save file, Generate paragraphs, Clear screen, Generate phrases, Synonymize words before generating phrases.

The first 2 standard symbols in the top mean: open file, save file. This applications uses a specific format that separates elements in the columns with commas. It is a plain text file that can be opened with Notepad in case of need. We call it "phrase seed file", and has the .pgf ("phrase generator file") extension.

The third button calls the Paragraph Generator.

The fourth button clears the screen.

The fifth button starts the Phrase Generation process.

The sixth button extracts synonyms from the dictionary for each unit inside a column, be it word or short phrase.


Examples of Automatically Generated Phrases

Here you  have seed phrase files to practice or to start generating contents. 

You can also check our (Invented) Cocktail Encyclopedia.

Use Example .txt file kb .pgf file * kb Phrases
Mumbo-jumbo 1 The conclusions that could be extracted are as follows conclusions.txt 500 conclusions.pgf 1 108
Mumbo-jumbo 2 This is one partial view of the issue scope.txt 351 scope.pgf 1 192
General We know we can solve your weak points  pgf/we-can-help-you.txt 301 pgf/we-can-help-you.pgf 1 4800
General Are your clients satisfied about the current situation? are-they-ok.txt 41 are-they-ok.pgf 1 720
General Increase the number of clients by selling our convenient stuff. increase.txt 2300 increase.pgf 1 32400
Disclaimer The opinions in this page must be considered with care, given the fact they were automatically created. disclaimer.txt 1000 disclaimer.pgf 1 9216
General Work can be complicated. Do not panic: Here is a solution. Our solution 62 Our solution.pgf  1 1080
Mistery story-start The drunken sailor came accross in the hall and claimed a knife to the attendant. mistery-story-start.txt 137 mistery-story-start.pgf 1 4608
Mistery story-killing An innocent salesman received a bullet in the belly while sleeping. mistery-story-killing.txt 38 mistery-story-killing.pgf 1 576
Mistery story-end A letter arrived; Suddenly Mary knew that doctor Smith hated Mr. Bates. mistery-story-end.txt 365