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Synonymizer - Equal word replacer
Release Notes

Synonymizer 6.0 is being relaunched in March 2015, with new features.

May 2006

Synonymizer, Phrase Generator, Paragraph Generator. Content generators export directly into GGG.

June 2007

Comes in 3 versions: Freeware, Personal ($29.90) and Corporate ($85). Includes Language Analyzer with several features. Includes the Synonymizing, Phrase Mixing Content Generator, which creates many different synonymized versions of a single text.

Synonymized Content Generator: Starting from any text we can create large variants, using different, rotating synonymized words.

Language Analyzer: Vocabulary Richness Index (Number of unique words / Total words); Profanity Index (Number of words included in our Profane List / Total words); Average Word Length; Readability Score; Find Slang; Contractions; Present Continuous usage.

Different synonym replacement patterns: Replaces n out of every m occurrences of a word. It avoids depriving a text of valuable keywords. It ads vocabulary richness.

Long text synonymizing power: the Corporate version now allows longer texts.

HTM edition: the product now recognizes the .php extension and synonymizes words within the visible part of a web page, respecting the HTML commands.

August 2007

Buttons and hot keys for faster Step and Automatic synonymization.

Step synonymization easier to suspend and resume.

Import database: This feature was requested by users who have separate synonym lists. It has both the Excel and Access formats.

Select Language: it allows use of a Spanish database.

Import: imports new words into database, from Excel or Access files.

Insert word/number: insert any word or text string, every n words. Defeat copyscape or similar plagiarism detectors. In the HTML format, you can use color or size to make scarcely visible insertions.

Numbers can take the format of versicle numbers or references. (see Help file)

DELINKER: As the name implies, it removes or edits links from web pages directly taken from the web. It also removes or replaces images to avoid broken links.

April 2008

Richer ("Extra Strong") synonymization: uses the full power of the database, namely all the entries (100, 80 and 60% similarity). Moved to

June 2012

It now allows replacement of 2 or 3 word phrases, instead of just individual words. For instance, "day after Monday" can be replaced by "Thursday". It will allow better quality in replacements. Also, a bug in Step Synonymizing is corrected: when words do not have an equivalent, the cursor does not stop to ask.

March 2013

Enables Delinker (beta). Edit or supress links from copy-pasted text.

July 2013

Recognizes plurals for names and verbs in the 3rd. person of present tense. Also, recognizes past and present continuous verb forms. See plural recognition and replacement.

When offered a replacement word, a double-click selects the option and replaces, saving time.

The 2-word recognition feature can now be switched off, for greater speed.

Corrects a bug in Delinker that prevented from linking outside the site.

For Spanish, the replacement rules recognize plurals, and can properly pluralize words ending in vowel or consonant.

March 2015

Changes in Text Enrichment.

A bug was corrected for Auto replacement: when you ordered to replace CAN by BOTTLE, the replacement took place also inside word. You obtained AmeriBOTTLE, AfriBOTTLE and other nonsense.

When replacing AN ANIMAL you obtained AN CREATURE. Now you get A CREATURE. And the converse is also true: when replacing A CREATURE you get AN ANIMAL.

There is a checkbox for Visual Feedback that disables visualization for greater speed.

Other changes in code get more speed.

Expected Features in Synonymizer 6.1

Feature % Completed Details
Multiple Synonym lists
55 Is is possible to get new synonym lists. For instance, we dictionaries for different varieties of English (American or British, Academic or Slang, Poetic or Plain).
Marking long non-synonymized strings
23 The synonymized words are currently marked by color. However, we need a better system to identify those portions of text that were left unchanged, posing thus some plagiarism risk. 
Plagiarism alarm
3 Compares two texts for similarity
2 Create an abstract for a source text
Recognize irregular verbs 2 Irregular verbs should be recognized and properly modified for person and tense.