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content marketing
Content Marketing

Get More Search Engine Traffic providing more content for your visitors

Today most of the website traffic comes from the main search engines and directories. Unless you spend a significant amount in offline advertising, your customers will find you from the main indexes in the Web.

Search engines are always looking for new, valuable content, in order to provide value to their users. Content can be hand made or machine made. Our Content Marketing Suite is designed to generate large amounts of valuable content for the Web, with minimum effort.

Our Content Marketing Suite is composed by:

Software Features Creates:

Keyword Thief

Simple tool that enters Google and extracts the keywords and other metatags from the top-ranked pages, in order to provide clues to good positioning. From those keywords, the other programs create phrases, pages and sites. Keywords


Creates content variation and avoids penalizing by the search engines, who dislike duplicate contents. Phrases - Paragraphs

GreatGatewayGenerator is a tool that creates multi-domain site networks with a number of features valued by the search engines at the time of ranking sites.

Pages - Interlinked Sites

This set is intended to Webmasters that need to promote their websites. 

Download here the freeware version of Synonymizer 6

Download here the freeware version of KeywordThief

Download here the freeware version of GGG

Purchase Synonymizer or other of our products

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Synonymizer 6.0 Personal - $65 $29.90

Synonymizer Corporate Version - $85

If you are looking for the branded versions of Synonymizer, Word Frequency, Language Analyzer, Phrase Generator or Content Generator, pay in the above links for either the Personal or Corporate versions.