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Synonym Replacement Tool

Phrase Generator

text generator

Four types of Text Generators in One Product:

Feature name


Phrase Mixer Generates many texts, with different phrase order The phrases can be used as generated content for GGG or other systems. They need to be transformed in pages.
Synonymizing Generator Takes the original and creates many differently synonymized variants. The generated text is not duplicated and can be good content for blogs entries, pages or sites.
Phrase Generator It produces hundreds or thousands of phrases, using synonyms. Up to 10 units (words or word combinations).
Paragraph Generator - Row mode As many text content files as individual phrases in the original list - Multiple Phrases easily generated by accompanying Phrase Generator - Exports into GGG
Paragraph text Generator - Column mode - As many content files as phrase sets in the original list - Multiple Phrases easily generated by accompanying Phrase Generator - Exports into GGG

Our text content generation tools are designed to export to text files (.txt) or directly into the database of our own Interlinked Websites Generator (GGG). Ask us about it.

After Content Generation and Phrase Generation, you will be ready to create a complex network of websites, automatically made and ready to upload.

It also includes: Language Analyzer - Synonym Text Enricher - Word Frequency


This software uses Synonyms to generate text for websites, starting from a few phrases or from a web source. It has unlimited power.

It also uses a few tricks to modify a source text and generate text variants that are not detected by duplication detectors. For instance, inserts one text string every 4-5 words, using HTML or Word color commands to disguise the insertions.

Phrase mixer is another feature that generates text partially different from the source.

Try our Text Generator Software for free and see if it fits your needs.

Our Content Generator as a tool for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a novel way to promote products or services, using the power of the Internet. The idea is to have as many pages as possible, each centered on one important keyword or descriptor for your product. Since pages are found independently by search engines, the more pages, the bigger the chance of being found by them.

It is necessary to make pages that have enough relevance for the main keyword, because otherwise they will go unnoticed. The relevance is achieved by text and in a lesser measure, by images. The text needs to be unique, not stolen from some other site or taken from a well-known encyclopedia. In addition to unique, the text needs to refer to the product, use the keyword, and provide some value for the person reading it and trying to make a decision about to buy or not to buy.

Our company specializes in writing such texts, a science called SEO, or "search engine optimization". The exact values of words in every section of the website are not released to the public, but can be obtained by exhaustive analysis of other websites that succeeded at ranking well at

When the campaign is focused in a few keywords, the pages can be written by hand. However, marketers often want to extend to dozens or even hundreds of pages. For those cases, a Content Generator such as GatewayGenerator, is a wise choice. It automates the creation process and frees you to create fresh ideas for your Website Promotion Campaign.

The Content Generator described herein has several approaches to content production. It works at 3 levels: phrases (Phrase Generator), paragraphs, or combination of several phrases (Paragraph Generator) or whole pages (phrase mixer, synonymizer).

A few competing Content Generators




Price U$D


Random content generator

(no longer available)

User can enter the desired amount of keywords and it will generate a long content which includes them.


Online service. User has to get a login user and pass to download the script.*

Content Solution v2.0


article rewriting,
latent semantic analysis
thesaurus customization
Allows to: grab content (rss feeds, articles, import text files), download newly created content


It is not downloadable (only purchase option).

It does not defeat Copyscape and other duplication alarms.

Keyword typo generator


User needs to choose a keyword or key phrase and it will provide several misspellings for it.


Online service based on a common spelling/typo mistakes database.*2

Webspinner Software


The text is modified to pass the human-reader test.

Randomize paragraph lengths
Remove links
Bold Keywords
Ban URLs

scrape SERPS and any patterned website

Learning thesaurus

Text import

59.95/ month


399.95/ year



According to comments from the web, it manipulates content. There is no demo. It uses some fixed phrase insertion.

39.99 per year

There is no product information in the website, so the research was made under comments.

Traffic Equalizer

The user must enter keywords, fill in some form details and the software generates content. Does not say how.


Has no trial version.

Article Equalizer


The user must complete some details, then select up to 1000 articles and it will create the content for your website.


Has no trial version.


download content generator
Download Content Generator Here


Synonymizer Personal - $45 29.90 only now

Synonymizer Corporate Version - $85

If you are looking for the branded versions of Synonymizer, Word Frequency, Language Analyzer, Phrase Generator or Content Generator, pay in the above links for either the Personal or Corporate versions.


Content Generator is part of the Synonymizer Text Tools Package. It is used by webmasters in need of automated content for their pages. It increases the website relevance and traffic.

Content Generation is the most important step in your Web Promotion Strategy. Ask about our consulting services and Custom Content Generation.

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