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Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism - Disclaimer - Some legal literature - Plagiarism Detection Tools

Use our "Synonymizer" software replaces several words in a text for synonyms, in order to avoid plagiarism.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other indexes examine web pages for duplication. If the pages look too similar, they can punish them or the whole website, putting it down in the search results.

It is necessary to replace around 20% of the total words, for the samples to be different enough.

Slight text coincidences can occur by inadvertent use or by chance. Also by quotation or using common places.

Authorship tag in HTML

We are now using the Author tag to show our authorship in our pages. Otherwise, someone else could take credit for these writings. We recommend other authors do the same. This page has the author tag in the header.

If you write in Wordpress, as we do in our other sites,, and others, use the Google authorship for multiple authors plugin.

As you saw in the example, it is convenient to obtain a Google Plus account, to identify yourself as the author of the writing.

If you write in a creative way, you should claim your work as your own and build a reputation for being an expert on the chosen subjects. Google is interested in identifying real authors and to discard copycats and those who plagiarize, either by hand or using scrapping software or tools. Real authors will benefit from greater media exposure and returning readership. And we all want our name and picture next to our work.

Avoid Plagiarism: Text Enrichment using Synonyms

The Automatic Word Replacement feature in Synonymizer takes words out of synonym dictionnary and puts them in the place of the original words of a text. However, this method does not respect the original sense as a human writer would do. Use it when you are in a rush.

We have examples of synonymizing different literary texts: you can see that replacing more than 25% of the words in a text is enough to avoid plagiarism, at least the plagiarism detected by a common Internet tool for plagiarism detection: This can often be achieved by the regular word replacement of Synonymizer, and almost always by the Extra-Strength replacement feature of our software.

Avoid plagiarism by using your own creative writing or by using our software, if you are in a rush.

Also contact us if you want us to do it for you at a reasonable rate.

avoid plagiarism

avoid plagiarism - be creative - be original - think before you write - look it up in Google - look it up in Wikipedia - Check your writings with Copyscape - see other plagiarism detectors - talk into a recording tape and then take it down - contract a transcriber - have your tapes transcribed - synonymize - use synonymizer - Only 29 dollars for the Personal Syno.