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Using Synonymizer as a content provider for GGG -

There are 4 steps in GGG that can benefit from the text-generation features of Synonymizer.
In Step 1, you can load a list of phrases that can be used in either of these two stages of page generation: 
a) to fill the Description Metatag. In this way, every page will have a different description, although all of them will be relevant, grammatically correct and keyword-rich. 
b) to insert phrases between links to 1st and 2nd level pages. This prevents your page being labeled as a link farm. 
In Step 2, the Phrase Generator of Synonymizer can be used to generate large amounts of keywords or subkeywords. You only need to call the .txt file from the "Import Keyword List" or "Import Subkeywords" buttons. 
Note: Do not use the final dot in your phrases.
In Step 3, the Content boxes must be entered. The main Synonymizer screen can generate long texts usable for this purpose, mixing the source phrases. These phrases can be pasted from any source, or from the Phrase Generator itself. 
There is a Global Content Box generation process available in Synonymizer. The content boxes are all inserted directly into the door.mdb GGG database. This results in immediate availability for the operator, without the need to enter any  text. This can be executed even with hundreds of content boxes.
In Step 6, the Phrase Generator feature of Synonymizer can be used to name the random files. This process usually makes shorter file names than the GGG original  process.... The generated .txt file loads directly in Step 6. 
Note: Do not use a space between your words. For file names a hyphen or low hyphen is better. Use the proper option provided in Phrase Generator.