Some Strategies to Prevent Plagiarism

A plan to avoid plagiarism
Experts think that the best way to tackle plagiarism is by the anticipation method. Here are some advices on how to anticipate plagiarism:
• Give a list of topics for the student to decide. Creating a topic list gives them sufficient liberty to select a topic that is interesting for them. You can also alternate the list each semester.
• Require the certificate in unpaid-cut format with an inclined character of references from a group of sources. For instance, the demand ability be to keep references from two textbook sources, two magazine sources, and two Internet sources. Review (or advise) the appropriate mention methods with your students. It is as well a great opinion to keep each one student circle in photocopies of the sources used (Harris, 2000).
• Periodically conceal the advance of each one student's certificate throughout the semester (Clayton, 1997). Assign outstanding dates for the students to circle in the selected topic, composition, résumé, and bibliography, rough enlist, and parting enlists. Do not permit students to bob portions of the certificate. For instance, if a student did not circle in a rough enlist, then a parting enlist would not be popular. Checking and requiring advance makes it added tricky to accept loan someone else's certificate; it helps the procrastinators abide on footmark and, as a conclusion, lessens the allurement to thieve.
• Educate students about plagiarism by explaining what it is and how to beat off it. Also, lease them know again that you are clever of Internet certificate mills (Leland, 2000). Discuss your action (or the college's) about plagiarism, and be certain to résumé unpaid penalties.
• Online technology is as well disengaged to discern plagiarism from cobweb sites. Educators can chip in to a supply and wish students to upload their certificate to the supply's whereabouts. The whereabouts compares papers with body on the Web. Some sites much contrast papers turned in from antecedent semesters to discern the papers that were passed along (Schevitz, 1999). Some of these sites are free of charge; others are annual payment- based with fees that commence at about $20 per year for a character of 30. Most services that discern online plagiarism bid free of charge trials (Dyrli, 2000).

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