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Synonymizer is a software that let's you make new text starting from an original. It has text improving and text generation tools. It substitutes synonyms for words in any text. It is used either for richer expression or to avoid literal reproduction of an existing text, and thus avoid plagiarism.
Test the free version to see its power. Then buy the product and unlock its full power. It is only 29.90 paid with credit card or Paypal. After payment we will send you an unlock code and the full synonym database, with 117,000 terms.
It has five unique text generation and improving tools.
1. Text Enrichment thru synonym replacement.
2. Language analyzer.
3. Synonymizing, paragraph mixing generator.
4. Phrase generator.
5. Paragraph (multi phrase) generator.
With automatic synonym replacement one keystroke gives you a whole new text. After automatic replacement the report shows how many words were replaced and how.
Step by Step Replacement - When there is more than one option, you can choose the best. Slower, but with more control over the result. You are presented with 1, 2 or 3 options per word.
The dictionnary can be edited to add new equivalences.
The derived text is ready to use in a website or to submit as an original writing. Texts with more than 21% word substitution defeat Copyscape plagiarism detection.
Go to the website to learn more functions of Synonymizer, to download for testing and to purchase.


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Text-derivative creation tool based on similar term replacement

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