New in Synonymizer 6.0: over 33% of replaced words, with recognition of Plurals and Verb forms

Synonymizer 4 did not recognize plural noums. Synonymizer 6 recognizes the -s ending as plural, and replaces the original for a pluralized word. Plurals are made with -s or -es, according to the word ending.

Synonymize 4 only recognized infinitive verbs. Release 5 recognizes verbs ending in -s, -ed or -ing. It also replaces 3rd. person of the present tense, past participle and present continuous.

This improvement increases the effectivity of synonym replacement from 27% to 31%. (replaced words x 100 /total words)

Without "Extra Strong Replacement", the effectivity are 26 and 26...

See how Synonymizer replaces over 30% of the words of any source text, in these examples of Manual and Automatic Synonymizing

We used to detect plagiarism in the 4 examples: Tarzan, Harry Potter, Moby Dick and Robinson Crusoe. The original files were always found by, as expected.

However, the Synonymized texts, as created by the Corporate Version, have over 30% of the original words replaced by synonyms, and thus DO NOT TRIGGER COPYSCAPE or other plagiarism detectors.

Try it yourself.