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Synonym Replacement Tool - See examples of how synonymizing works
- See PowerPoint presentations for Text Enrichment and Phrase Generation - See Video
This package includes:

8 Language Tools

Synonymizer for Text Enrichment : Automatic and Step by Step

Language Analyzer

Word Frequency

3 Massive Content Generation Tools:

Synonymizing and Phrase Mixing Generator

Phrase Generator

Paragraph Generator


Synonymizer Personal - $65.00 29.90 only now

Synonymizer Corporate - $85

Both come with 114,000 word Thesaurus for automated replacement


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If you are looking for the branded versions of Synonymizer, Word Frequency, Language Analyzer, Phrase Generator or Content Generator, pay in the above links for either the Personal or Corporate versions
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This product has features for 3 different purposes:
Writing Improvement
Plagiarism avoidance for re-writers
Content Generation for Webmasters

Different users need different Synonymizer 6 features

Writers with English as a Second Language
syno hand
Use Synonymizer to improve your text richness

Webmasters who need to produce many content pages for Search Engine Optimizing purposes.
Make huge amounts of differently synonymized variants of a source text, providing sensible keyword-rich text for Search Engine Optimization.

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Use Content Generator

Borrowers of web contents needing a fast editing to avoid plagiarism.
If you take text from another source, you can make it different using synonyms. Synonymizer Text Enrichment offers synonyms from its huge database, starting from the most frequent words in your text.

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Use Step by Step Synonymizing

Writers aware of word frequency, readability, usage of non-common words, writing style, vocabulary, inconsistent spelling and overused terms.
Creativity-enhancing tools: synonym phrase generator. 114,000 word Thesaurus

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Use Language Analyzer

This is the main screen of Synonymizer, where it calls to the different features:

Text Analysis
Word length
Texts with many short words are simplistic and childish. Synonymizer helps to improve your writing and make it look more mature and academic. Either longer or shorter synonyms might be needed.
Readability Level Increase/Decrease
Put synonyms to work for you. Word rich texts are considered more adult than repetitive ones.
Word Frequency
You can improve your text using more synonyms as original words, avoiding repetitions and sharpening your point
% of synonym replacement
The larger synonym replacement, the more distinctive your text will be from the source

Web Content Generation
Synonymized Content Generation
Avoids Content Duplication Penalties by Google and others. Prevents plagiarism. Supplies multiple files for richer websites. Alone or In combination with GGG, our Optimized Page Generator software. You decide how many files will be derived from the original. No two of them will be equal, thanks to alternate synonym substitution.
Delinked Content New!
Avoid losing PageRank and driving away visitors.
Phrase Generator
Thousands of keyword-rich phrases in a minute. Use the Combinatorial power of Synonyms. Can be exported as Description Metatags for hundreds of pages, manually or automatically with GGG. Also usable as Google Adwords keywords, and as substrate for Paragraph Generator (see below).
Paragraph Generator
Thousands of keyword-rich phrases, grouped in paragraphs, in minutes. Avoid duplication penalties. Usable as content for GGG.
This product is named Synonymizer Text Tools, but it is also sold in branded forms:
The functionality is the same.

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Synonymizer software provides synonyms in any given text. It signals which words are used more frequently, suggests alternatives and replaces as desired.
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Create new content for the search engines, enlarge your website with synonym-modified text to avoid text duplication and be able to accommodate more keywords, more links, more relevant text, more ads
Avoid content duplication penalties
Avoid plagiarism by automated synonym replacement
Use other web sources without the nuisances of quoting or linking out
Keep all your synonymized text inside your page without worrying
Linking is costly: you can be penalized if the links get broken and you will lose PageRank
Increase keyword density for better Search Engine rankings
Compose phrases for new domains, content/doorway pages and AdWords campaigns

Replace words for synonyms: automatically and with minimum keystrokes.



Enrich your essays with pre-made, relevant, safe-to-use content.

Avoid triggering plagiarism alarms.

Elude Plagiarism by smart synonym use.
enter Enter Website - Landing pages: Writers, Students, SEO Service Companies.

Substituter of equal-meaning words for the originals
Text-derivative creation tool based on similar term replacement
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Synonymizer Home
Language Analyzer
Phrase Generator
Word Frequency
Legal information

Writing Improvement

Paragraph Generator

Modifying Readability

Basis, example


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