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Cut and Paste Plagiarism

Preventing, Detecting and Tracking Online Plagiarism

Lisa Hinchliffe - May 1998

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a difficult concept to define. It includes a range of actions from failure to use proper citation to wholesale cheating. A student who plagiarizes may do so unintentionally or with planful deliberation.

Types of plagiarism:

The Internet has made simple an additional type of plagiarism:

Turning in a paper from a "free term paper" website.

How Can I Prevent Plagiarism?

How Can I Detect Plagiarism?

How Can I Track Down Plagiarism?

Synonymizer, the software package that you can download and use for free in this site, is a powerful tool against plagiarism.

When a source is modified, the limit between Derivative Work and a Different Work is blurred. No valid definition exists, other than the subjective judgment of a judge.

However, the more different words from the original, the less chances of being accused of plagiarism. Also, the less chance to trigger detection softwares like Turnitin.

SYNONYMIZER is a legitimate tool to enrich text, enhance vocabulary and avoid repetition.



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