Plagiarism Alarm Danger!

Mean Plagiarism Detection sites are being used by overzealous teachers to pinpoint copy-paste writing

You cannot afford to use unmodified text from copyrighted sources !!

Most of them work by comparing short text strings in the web original and the student essay.

Synonym substitution prevents detection, false alarms, embarrassment and penalization, while enriches your writing. 

Outsmart Plagiarism Zealots!

Get even! 

with Synonymizer 6

Synonymizer is a software that provides synonyms in any given text. It signals which words are used more frequently, suggests alternatives and replaces as desired.

Substitutes any words present in the 110,000 word Synonym Database for individual words in the text.

Avoid plagiarism alarms

Avoid duplication of phrases, paragraphs or whole papers

Beat Copyscape and similar Plagiarism Detection tools

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1) Text Enrichment

• substitutes any word present in the Synonym Database for individual words in your text
• lets add new synonyms to the database, starting from the high frequency words in your text. You can even add synonym phrases, like "human being", a synonym for "live person" or viceversa.
• marks those words that were replaced, in order to show which text segments still need synonymizing
• inserts fixed characters, carriage returns, references or numbers every n words, in order to fool the plagiarism detectors that blindly compare word sequences
• gives you all the power of a 114,000 thesaurus in your desktop

See examples of synonym replacement

2) Language Analyzer

Word Frequency works ordering the words from high frequency occurrence to low. It is used to detect the words whose replacement is more needed, to detect misspellings and to establish the vocabulary richness index.

The Average Word Length can point you the need of synonymizing your text. If your words are too short (style being too slang-looking) or too long (style being too academic) you can use synonyms to improve your vocabulary.

The Reading Level indicators (Readability Score, Present Continuous Usage, Contractions, Find Slang, Profane Language) show if your text is too academic or too simplistic.

word frequency

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Disclaimer: tool not intended for illegal uses, intellectual property abuse or dishonest elusion of plagiarism detection.

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