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Synonymizer - Equal word replacer

text improving tool

Synonymizer - Text Improvement Tool

As its name states, Synonymizer is a software that provides synonyms in any given text. It signals which words are used more frequently, suggests alternatives (synonym words or phrases) and replaces as desired.

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A set of linguistic tools for the English writer, enriching texts, improving writing style and vocabulary.


Create new content for the search engines, for those webmasters that need to enlarge their websites. More content usually means more keywords being represented in the search engines, more indexed pages, and more results present in the searches. Thus, more content brings more visits. This is called Content Marketing.

Search engines cannot tell the difference between human-written text and machine-synonymized text.

Forget about link maintenance! Synonymize the text you want to quote, and include it in your website. And you will not lose PageRank!.

3. Create keyword phrases for gateway page generators, AdWords campaigns and other uses. 


Mix words to help creativity and find the exact phrase for a title, song name, ad or any other creative writing.

Use synonyms for unexpected results.


Synonymizer 6 comes with 5 modules:

Language Tools:

  • Text Enrichment
  • Language Analyzer

Content Generators:

  • Synonymizing Content Generator
  • Phrase Generator
  • Paragraph Generator

Text Enrichment

Text Enrichement leads to the main window, and offers the Actjons:


- substitutes any words present in the Synonym Database for individual words in the text

- lets add new synonyms to the database, usually starting from the high frequency words. You can even add synonym phrases, like "human being", a synonym for "live person" or viceversa.

- marks those words that were replaced, in order to show which text segments still need synonymizing.

The Synonymize action has 4 options:

By Step

This is very similar to the Search-Replace feature in MS Word and other word processors. It is slow and delicate. It presents each word, and provides several options: Skip, Skip All, Add Synonym. If the word already has a synonym in the database, you can select the given synonym with your mouse, and two new options will be activated: Replace and Replace All.


Syno screen

100%: This command replaces all exact (100% similarity) synonyms for all the occurrences of the word.

80%: This command replaces all the 100% and 80% synonyms for all the occurrences of the word.

60%: This command replaces all the 100%, 80% and 60% synonyms for all the occurrences of the word. This option provides the highest variation to the original text, with the least respect for English quality.

After Synonymization, a report is presented: Starting Time, Ending Time, Replacements (source and target word list), Total Words, Replaced Words, Replaced Percentage.

All the Synonymize functions mark in red those words that were replaced, in order to show which text segments still need synonymizing. If you do not want those "Plagiarism Detector" tools to tag your text as too similar to another one, you should make sure that your "Replaced Percentage" is high, and that red words are evenly distributed in your synonymized text.


Lets say you wrote something about electricity, and your most frequent word is: "THE" (40 appearances). Sorry, no synonym. 

Excluding the common prepositions and articles, you arrive to : "MAN". 15 appearances. No need to edit anything. The "PERSON" equivalent is available.

Next comes "VOLT", 9 appearances. Nothing in the dictionary. If you want, you can add "VOLTAGE UNITS" to it. Then, when you synonymize and the 9 occurrences of VOLT will be replaced.

You will probably need to add some synonyms of your own, but you will be VERY EFFICIENT, because you will only add synonyms for the most frequent words in YOUR text.

See some examples of Synonym replacement


This software might take a long time to synonymize a large text, specially if you are using the large synonym database that comes with the registered version. We advice to use a fast machine (at least 850 MHz, with at least 256 mb). We did some benchmarking and the results are published here. If your text is to long for the software and your PC configuration, break it up in smaller pieces.

Language Analyzer

Opens the main window where text can be opened in .txt format, typed or pasted from other program, like MS Word. The options are called from the Actions menu at the toolbar.

The option Words without Synonym is a recommended step before the Synonymizing process. It lists the words that have no synonym in the current dictionary. Remember that the dictionary that comes with the freeware version is quite limited. 

The words are listed in order of frequency in the text, which makes easy to enrich the dictionary with words highly relevant to your current writing.  

words without synonym

Selecting any word and clicking the Add Synonym button in the bottom lead to the Synonym Database Maintenance menu. 

Once you have provided at least one synonym for the most frequent words in your text, you can proceed to the Synonymizing process, that runs thru your text in a conventional Start-to-End order.

If you Synonymize directly, without paying attention to the frequent words in your text, you will probably write better English, but you will be less efficient and slower.  

The option Word Count is included in this menu.

The Word Frequency module analyzes the input text and establishes the Word Frequency list, ordering the words from high frequency occurrence to low. It is used for literary style analysis, to establish the literacy level of an author, and to optimize webpages to a given keywrord frequency. This is the job of the SEO, search engines optimizers. The SEOs, such as ourselves, are always looking at the methods that SEs use to rank sites. And Keyword Frequency is, and will be, very important for relevance.

The Average Word Length can point you the need of synonymizing your text. If your words are too short (style being too slang-looking) or too long (style being too academic) you can use synonyms to improve your vocabulary.

Phrase Generator  

See the Phrase Generator dedicated page.

Paragraph Generator

It combines several phrases generated by Phrase Generator into a series. In this way, you can generate a paragraph or a series of paragraphs with real English sense. For instance, you can do:

Go to the Paragraph Generator dedicated page.

Phrase Mixer

This module does just that. Mixes phrases using either a random or sequential order.

Random order provides good variation for a short amount of generated units. Sequential means that no order will be ever repeated in a series. 

Notice that any series of characters before a dot is considered a phrase. If you use a dot inside a phrase, like "the Word software uses .doc and .rtf files", the Phrase Mixer will cut the phrases at every dot.

Synonymizing and Phrase Mixing Content Generator

This is features creates content for web pages that need to be optimized for the search engines. It exports the result either as plain .txt files or entries in the .mdb database used by our Great Gateway Generator. Both products work together for fast generation of very large amounts of pages organized in Search Engine Optimized sites. 

The Options menu defines the number of generated units and the synonymizing intensity.

Phrase Mixing is useful to defeat Plagiarism Detectors and avoid Content Duplication penalties.

All these variations are established from the View-Options menu. 

Read all the features and details in the Help file.


Synonymizer Personal - $29.90 

Synonymizer Corporate Version - $85

If you are looking for the branded versions of Synonymizer, Word Frequency, Language Analyzer, Phrase Generator or Content Generator, pay in the above links for either the Personal or Corporate versions.


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