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How to make an original writing starting from a web-found essay

1) Find an appropriate essay in Google. Define your subject as narrowly as possible.

2) Load it in your word processor (probably MS Word)

3) Take the following measures to prevent your free essay from being detected by similarity detection tools (a.k.a. Plagiarism Detectors):

3.1) Replace words or expressions by synonyms

step syno for free essays

Free Essays with Synonymizer

Check our software in any of its branded, equivalent forms: Content Generator, Language Analyzer, Phrase Generator or Word Frequency


3.2) Change the order of a few phrases

3.3) Add a few phrases that do not mean too much, like "This is one partial view of the issue", or "The conclusions that could be extracted are as follows". Here is a free standard phrase supply (more than 100 phrases each) made with the Phrase Generator module of Synonymizer.

3.4) Break one or two phrases in two

If you want to automate the synonymizing process, and get unlimited FREE ESSAYS, try Synonymizer! The shareware version is free. The Personal version is only $29.90 and comes with a 115.000 word Synonym Dictionary.

Use the Word Frequency module of Synonymizer to list the most frequent words in the text to be synonymized. Those words will need a synonym. Find it in the database.

Use the Word without Synonym feature of the Text Enrichment module of Synonymizer to list the words that do not have a synonym in the distribution database. Enter a synonym manually and it will be always there to use.

4) Improve your writing by checking your Readability. The Language Analyzer module of Synonymizer has such a feature. It will tell you if you need to use more complex words to sound more professional, or if your sentences are too short or long.

5) Load your essay in a web page (can be a free blog) and use Copyscape to check its similarity with any other publication. If your essay passes this test, it will pass any test used by your evaluator.

6) Your Free Essay is ready. Submit it!

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