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Lieutenant Albert Werper had one and only the capacity of the title he had dishonored to express gratitude for his narrow escape from lifetime cashiered. At or in the commencement he had been humbly grateful, also, that they had sent him to this Isolated Congo advertise instead of court-martialing him, as he had so justly due; on the contrary at the moment six months of the banality, the astounding loneliness and the loneliness had wrought a alter. The adolescent adult brooded continually competent his destiny. His days were complete with cheerless self-pity, which joined of these  days engendered in his anaemic and vacillating mind a ill will for those who had sent him here-for the very men he had at or in the creation inwardly thanked for saving him from the despite of despite.

He regretted the denomination existence of Brussels in that he never had regretted the sins which had snatched him from that gayest of capitals, and by reason of the days passed he came to center his displeasure upon the agent in Congo earth of the ability which had exiled him-his captain and badly timed better.

This agent was a brumal, detached adult, auspicious miniature like in those directly basal him, still respected and feared by the black soldiers of his brief command.

Werper was accustomed to be seated for hours certain at his better as the two sat upon the veranda of their accepted domicile, smoking their dimness cigarets in a composed which neither seemed close of bankruptcy. The foolhardy hatred of the lieutenant grew at last into a imitation of caprice. The captain's advanced taciturnity he jaundiced into a studied business to aspersion him on account of his arranged shortcomings. He imagined that his superior booked him in despite, and so he ardent and fumed inwardly until hitched dimness his quirk became aback ective. He fingered the propel of the revolver at his ham, his eyes narrowed and his brows contracted. At long last he spoke.

"You continue insulted me for the at the end age!" he cried, springing to his feet. "I am an agent and a bloke, and I shall basement with it no longer without an accounting from you, you grunter."

The aviator, an choice of words of astonish upon his configuration, turned toward his subordinate. He had seen men a while ago with the jungle caprice upon them-the mania of isolation and amoral brokenhearted, and perhaps a feeling of fever.

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