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Example 1: Harry Potter text - This page is only published for Copyscape testing purposes

She was crestfallen that crucial daylight hours in May three years ago. She remembered her closing Hogwarts year when Draco Malfoy, Bean Junior, forfeited his chilling calm for the chief date: he tried asking her outside to Hogsmeade. Instead of Draco's accustomed flat convention, he stuttered profusely like a assured red-headed adult that she refused to designation at the flash. Draco and Hermione had gotten along splendidly - a lot of to her astonishment - since the commencement of her seventh year at Hogwarts. Putting the complete acrimony at the back of them, the brace worked very well as one on the Heads' duties and became very pleasant friends. So - she had had no goal to affirm no. Their foremost age at Hogsmeade was the creation of Draco and Hermione's affair. It was no astonish to either of them how abruptly they cut in like.
By behindhand cascade, she cerebration that everything was absolute - and upon audition that Hermione was enceinte, Draco had proposed. The consequent hardly any months the brace all in as a group were completely delighted. They dedicated most of the daylight in the corporation of the each added whether they were in classes or in their current area. The brace had been all but inseparable. While Hermione's friends were averse at foremost anent her affair with Draco, they at last gave the two their blessings when they realised conscientious how abundant they were in cherish with each added. Annoy and Ron were equally shocked that the "amazing blooming ferret" had the amplitude to like. Eight months later, the Closing Action was nearing. Argumentative alongside Badger and Ron had been outside of the interrogation however at fewest she knew that Draco would breathe there aggressive alongside her two finest friends.
Nevertheless Hermione had been altogether fallacious. Her earth came crashing dejected when Draco told her that he had no alternative nevertheless to catch the blot on the darkness of his eighteenth birthday. His dad was calm elevated in the ranks of Voldemort and it was expected of him to come after in his father's footsteps. His denial would mean endangerment for his ma, Hermione, and the babe. He locate his attitude the flash his children was threatened, refusing to be all ears to Hermione's pleas.
"Why can not you behold that I'm achievement this for you?" he yelled.
Hermione screamed, "Animation a Bereavement Eater does not ensure that your children would be alive all right. Don't achieve it," she sobbed, her chest heaving uncontrollably. "Charm, Draco."
"I've as of now made up my attitude. This is what's chief."
"It isn't!" Hermione cried. "Why don't you apprehend that cipher decision axe the Brunette Commander from carnage me admitting he wants me deceased? Your allegiance won't mean anything! By the boundary of the daylight, you decision calm be alive the pureblood who lowered himself to a Mudblood."

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