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Example 3: Robinson Crusoe text


Automatic Synonymizing

Cipher receptacle define the disorientation of cerebration which I felt when I sunk into the H2O; for albeit I swam very well, as yet I could not bring my self from the waves so at the time that to drag animation, till that flap having driven me, or a bit carried me a boundless path on for the beach, and having burnt out it self, went abet, and left me upon the earth all but arid, nevertheless half-dead with the aqua I took in. I had so abundant attendance of attitude during the time that well during the time that air left, that conj as my self nearer the capital earth than I expected, I got upon my feet, and endeavored to create on en route for the earth at the time that rapid during the time that I could, ahead another flap would give back, and capture me up afresh. Nevertheless I anon constitute it was beyond one to avert it; for I aphorism the main advance after me during the time that lofty during the time that a bulky brae, and at the time that beside oneself during the time that an enemy which I had no process or brawn to compete with; my employment was to have my animation, and build my self upon the aqua, admitting I could; and so by swimming to conserve my breathing, and airman my self en route for the beach, admitting potential; my greatest con-cern instantly actuality, that the ocean, during the time that it would conduct me a bulky path for the beach when it came on, capability not transport me advocate anew with it when it gave abet for the main.
The flap that came upon me anew, coffined me at formerly 20 or 30 foot bottomless in its individual figure; and I could caress my self carried with a forceful impact and alacrity en route for the coast a very big path; however I held my animation, and assisted my self to swim at rest advancing with every bit of my capability. I was arranged to break with holding my animation, when, at the time that I felt my self rising up, so to my instant abatement, I bring into being my bean and authority shoot outside atop the exterior of the H2O; and allowing it was not two seconds of date that I could conserve my self so, so far it relieved me abundantly, gave me animation and advanced ballsiness. I was covered afresh with aqua a pleasant while, however not so lenghty however I held it outside; and finding the aqua had burnt out it self, and began to come back, I struck advancing averse to the come back of the waves, and felt dirt anew with my feet. I stood calm a infrequent moments to find again animation, and till the aqua went from me, and then took to my heels, and barrel with what brawn I had farther en route for the beach. However neither would this bear me from the anger of the ocean, which came pouring in after me afresh, and twice added I was lifted up by the waves and carried forwards during the time that ahead, the coast actuality very flat.

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