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(Invented) Drink Encyclopedia. 

The 30,000 Cocktail List

This is an example of Synonymizer automatic content generation. It was used to fill gateway pages with original content, bringing visitors looking for any of its thousands of word combinations. 
We combine names to create Drink Names, and then 4 steps with the drink preparation and components. The result is a set of 30,000 or more invented drinks, with their recipe. 
The Drink Names and the Drink Recipes are created with Phrase Generator, a powerful tool that comes with Synonymizer 6.0 . The pages are made with  GGG (our optimized site generator) 
Each recipe is located in one web page with 400-500 words. All of them gest optimized for SE under keywords related to this software. All of them interlinked and spread across hundreds of directories in 6 different domains and 3 different servers. In the website of our Optimized Site Generation Software we show this and other experiments on Google page positioning.
See some names for Invented Cocktails:
Elephant Knocker 
Gorilla Sleeper 
Bear Drowner 
Innocent Elephant Hybernator 
Innocent Whale Puncher 
Subtle Elephant Knocker 
Subtle Gorilla Sleeper 
Subtle Bear Drowner 
Hideous Elephant Hybernator 
Hideous Whale Puncher 
Spicy Flaming Moe 
Spicy Smoking John 
Spicy Boiling Homer 
Oily Flaming Barney 
Warm Young Dragon Sweet Pee 
Frankestein's Secret Delight with strawberry 
Frankestein's Hidden Delight plus grapes 
Vampire's Quiet Pleasure plus grapes 
Green Monster's Secret Dope with banana 
Green Monster's Quiet Delight with strawberry 
This list was generated in 1 minute, using the multiple-phrase generator in Synonymizer.